Cell Phone Use Among Teenagers

In a society that is immersed in technology, teenagers use their 📱’s constantly. According to many researchers, 📱usage during social interactions causes relationship and conversation dissatisfaction 👎🏻. Most of this research is focused on 1️⃣-on-1️⃣ interactions. However, there are also researchers that argue there is a strong difference between teenagers and older generations in regards to technology. Because of this literature background, there is a gap in the literature with teenager use of cell phones in social interactions. Since there is a difference between teenagers and adults in their usage and their opinions of cell phones, there is the potential for teenagers to not feel dissatisfied with a relationship or conversation in group settings when using cell phones.

This study researched this by surveying a group of college-aged students to determine their usage and acceptability of cell phone use during social interactions. The results were analyzed using a one-sample t-test (🆒), with a reliable scale and not significant results.

Cronbach alpha: 0.93

t(3)=1.83, p>0.05


Mean: 2.45

SD: 1.15

N: 4

Therefore, the hypothesis was not supported 😒, but the study should be replicated because of potential 😀. This should be done again because of the small sample size and sex singularity (🙅‍♂️), as well as to potentially study a different group of people. There is a possibility that the small sample size was a detriment to the study.

In summation: 📵


Black Jerseys in NCAA

I took a 👀 at stats from the 2016-2017 college 🏀 season for teams that used ⚫️ jerseys (primary or alternate).

I wanted to see if those teams had more fouls called on the team in ⚫️ than the Fort Wayne 🏀 team. 🐘

Appalachian State, Michigan State and Kent State all averaged more fouls than Fort Wayne.

Purdue averaged significantly less.

Hard to tell if this actually means anything because of the wide range of potential variables, but with more data it could support Frank and Gilovich in their findings that ⚫️ uniforms lead to more flags thrown at National 🏈 League games.

Since there is talk of the Fort Wayne athletic department having to change to ⚫️ and ⭐️, the department should be wary of ordering ⚫️ uniforms.

Hand Movements

I used emblem ✋🏻 movements at work, including ✌🏻👎🏻👍🏻👌🏼 and 👏🏻.

I also used illustrator ✋🏻 movements in order to accentuate my conversations, particularly about our upcoming 🏃‍♀️🏃 broadcast.

Emblems were 👍🏻, but I could see them being 👎🏻.

Illustrators were overall 👍🏻👏🏻👌🏼. Very helpful.

Article Critique

Banjo, Hu and Sundar (2008) researched the use of cell phones and its relationship to individuals’ altruism and smiling.


  • Some hypotheses are not relevant to the study.
  • Small sample size, then went on to say their study “confirmed” their hypotheses.
  • Several grammatical errors.
  • Charts in results section swap x-axis items with legend items (can cause confusion).
  • Literature review only mentions the item being studies (SIPO) once, and does not define it.
  • Hypothesis IIc is never mentioned in the results or discussion sections.


  • Good literature review discussion of presumption of privacy and limited capacity.
  • Strong methodology, including satisfactory process and sound result computation.
  • Good discussion and limitations sections despite issues mentioned above.

Monochronic vs. Polychronic Work Styles

I had three items on my to do list. Write two 📝, do two loads of laundry, and feed the  🐶.

I wrote the first 📝 with a monochronic style, sticking to writing it until I was done.

The second 📝 I wrote with a polychronic style, writing for a period of time, then moving to another task.

I felt accomplished after the first 📝, but not after the second. I dreaded going back to the 👨‍💻 to work on the 📝 after taking a break.

Looking forward, I would want to continue working in a monochronic state of mind so I can keep feeling accomplished and not dread the work after multitasking.

Symbolic Barriers and Bus Travel

Situation: On a 🚌 with Fort Wayne women’s soccer, traveling to Charleston, Ill.

Shameless plug: Go check out Fort Wayne women’s soccer’s athletic page, and their Twitter account, which I run.      ⚽️

Concept: Symbolic barriers and their usage.

How I utilized the concept: I put in 🎧 and pulled out my 💻.   👨‍💻

How this helped: I was left alone!       🙅‍♂️🙏

It worked exactly like I wanted it to!    🎯